About us

LOOKSUN BABY makes the world of babies and mommies more beautiful! This corporation was set up in 2014, and is devoted to design a series of creative products for infants meeting parents’ needs, which make it more beautiful to parenting and life, leading to be an enjoyment.

      LOOKSUN BABY relies on the new concept and unique creativity of “high quality and more safety”. Various certifications of products from the company have been approved by lots of authorities home and abroad, in terms of health, environment protection, safety as well as quality. Due to the special experience in manufacturing infant products for many years, combined with the unique ergonomic human engineering of babies, LOOKSUN BABY has been earned a great reputation from customers home and abroad with its humanized design, original outlook as well as sound safety performance.  

      With a warm heart of mother love and a great passion for raising children, LOOKSUN BABY has promoted infant products to a new high stage concerning new innovation and safety, which has achieved a mutual recognition from current parents in terms of safety and intellectual inspiration of infant products.

      Products from LOOKSUN BABY combine quality, safety and fashion all together. It focuses on developing the originality and safety of infant products, and at the same time balancing the requirements and love of current parents for babies. LOOKSUN BABY will continues devoting itself to providing products of high quality and safety wholeheartedly. We’d like to provide the most qualified products for babies at every stage, which will give the babies a best start of their life.


We believe in a world where educational opportunities are available to everyone; where we never give up on helping people achieve their dreams.

The quality is the company life, we promise to the customer, no quality, no business!

Waiting for your cooperation!